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Our journey to the first tee (our story)

The idea and technology behind Swizzy Golf surfaced in late 2018, when a pair of passionate golfers realized two voids in the industry: 1) insufficient digital golf instruction, and 2) lack of access to quality, real-time golf instruction. It began with a proof of concept for Golf Pro, Inc. Since then, the concept has been tested, the platform has been built, and the solution has gone live – now helping both Students and Instructors from across the globe… whether you’re in the US, Europe, as far as Korea or Australia, or beyond.

At the beginning of 2022, the Golf Pro brand reimagined itself to align with how it is reimagining golf instruction, so Swizzy Golf was born. And here we are – powering the first golf technology platform to enable live, remote golf lessons.

The golf swing is pretty dang complex… so we thought “why would we make our technology complex too?” The Swizzy Golf app was built with simplicity top of mind from day one. It’s pretty simple – think Zoom or FaceTime… but you can draw on the screen, pull up content from a video/photo library (in real time), and more.

Going low (the vision)

But there was another motivation behind simplicity – when something is simple, it becomes less intimidating. We’re not just out here to help single-digit handicappers get better (but if that’s you and you’re reading this, it’s still the app for you). Our mission is to democratize the sport; to make golf more welcoming than ever, giving everyone in (or aspiring to join) the golf community instant access to high quality lessons regardless of skill level, location, or financial status. With Swizzy Golf, the factors that have made golf inaccessible in the past are no longer barriers:

•  Location: practice from anywhere
•  Finances: select an affordable instructor, or take a shorter lesson
•  Access: choose from countless instructor options, and even take an on-demand lesson
•  Time: work flexibly around your schedule and the weather forecast
•  Pressure/anxiety: learn in a comfortable environment, whatever that looks like for you

What’s in the bag? (about our brand)

Swizz – ee
Swizzy (verb): to swing easy

The reimagined Swizzy Golf brand was born from a focus on ease and simplicity. Quite literally, Swizzy comes from ‘swing’ + ‘easy’. But it’s more than that – it’s a mantra, it’s a mindset. Next time your friend whiffs his or her breakfast ball on the first hole, just tell them to Swizzy 😉

So take a look around – we’re glad you’re here, and can’t wait to join you on your journey to better golf!

Swing easy,
The Swizzy Golf team

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Everyone (but we’re not just saying that). If you’ve always been driven to improve, but the YouTube videos aren’t cutting it, this is the app for you to finally see tangible improvement. If you’ve played before but have been too intimidated to get serious, this is the app to build your confidence. If you’ve never picked up a club but have wanted to, this is the app to get you started.

There’s not enough space to tell you. You need a lesson but can’t find anyone nearby. You show up for a member-guest tournament and you get to the range early. Your lunchtime work meeting was canceled. Your kid’s home sick but you can still sneak out to the backyard. You want a lesson from Erik Schjolberg in Scottsdale AZ, but you live in Austin TX. The list goes on and on.

Open the app….and then the opportunities are endless. The first page (after you’ve created a free account) is where you’ll find all of the Instructors on our platform. Search by name, or sort by rating or price. And more filters are being added in the near future!

Anywhere with an internet connection 🌎  –  driving range, indoor driving range, backyard, front yard, garage, living room, simulator, park, boat…you get the point.

There’s no question that in-person lessons are great… if you’re fine choosing between the limited Instructors in your area. And they’re available when you are. And they’re within your price range. And you can easily get to wherever they teach. And you aren’t intimidated by whatever that environment is like. But yup besides that, in-person lessons are great!

Certified teaching professionals in their respective regions in the world – ranging from Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers in America, European Golf Teachers Federation instructors, and PGA Professionals.

Using the app is free, so you just pay the Instructor’s rate. We have a range of instructors who all charge their own price – right now there are options from $30/hr to $175/hr (but you are charged per minute so can start and stop when you please!)

1️⃣ A Smartphone; 2️⃣ An internet connection; 3️⃣ An area to swing where you won’t break anything. That’s it.

Set up is easy – we recommend positioning the camera ~ waist high, 5-10 feet away from you. Just make sure your device screen is facing you.