Swizzy Amplify Program

Instructors – leverage the Swizzy Amplify Program, a coaching initiative to help you maximize your online potential. Work hand-in-hand with our marketing experts (dedicated to the golf industry) to build a customized plan for generating more remote lessons.

Swizzy Golf is a one-of-a-kind platform for remote, online lessons – why not leverage it to amplify your brand and grow your online presence?

The challenge

We see Instructors struggle regularly in three main ways:
Many industries have flourished in the age of technology, and golf instruction is no different. For Students, that means OPTIONS.
So with all of these options, how do you as an Instructor stand out? Students have options, but so do Instructors – remote instruction presents a massive opportunity for you. The more important question becomes: how do you capture the attention of golfers all over the world?

The opportunity

The answer is harnessing the power of digital marketing to build your brand and extend your reach. With that, you can create a sustainable income, solely from online business.
This is where our Amplify Program comes into the picture. We’ll put you in the driver’s seat and help you establish your presence in the golf industry, or grow your existing brand.

Program features

Digital Marketing

Developing, implementing, and monitoring paid and organic channels

Online Business

Building your content, profile, and overall social footprint

Social Media

Looking holistically at your website and efforts, to convert more golfers to customers

Lesson Growth

Elevating your retention plan to make Students recurring, loyal customers

Our marketing experts will work with you one-on-one for a customized plan to:

Establish credibility and a presence in the social media space

Strategically target your specific audience with online content

Implement systems and campaigns to turn that audience into paying Students

Automate this conversion system, enabling you to seamlessly scale your business

The result? A sustainable stream of revenue that comes naturally, and is easily adoptable for your coaching business.

Our goal is for you to get the most value out of our platform as possible. When you do better, we do better, and that means we prioritize delivered value and user experience above all. Let’s grow together, and scale your online business to six-figure revenue!