Real-time, data-driven feedback:
4D + Swizzy

4D Motion Sports is a comprehensive data collection tool for optimal swing analysis. Through this partnership, both Swizzy Instructors and Students will have access to data measuring 7 key swing positions. This not only removes the guessing out of game improvement, but also enhances the lesson experience through real-time explanations on top of objective swing data.

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The 4D Motion Sports system automatically analyzes the Pelvis/Torso movements and sequence through 7 key swing positions - delivering real-time numbers to your Instructor. Using the real-time biofeedback training tool, your coach can not just provide swing tips, but specific advice to train each position to optimize your swing.

The power of 4D Motion Sports and Swizzy, together

          Swizzy + 4D Motion Sports

  • Utilize 4D to easily identify swing mechanics to modify
  • Leverage Swizzy Golf to talk through the motions (and associated feelings) in real-time
  • See your progress through lesson history and comprehensive yet digestive analytics

Partnership features

Tangible Instruction

Informed instruction you can understand and talk through

Data Anywhere

Collectible swing data (on or off the course) via 4D, that can be sent to your Swizzy Instructor with the tap of a button

Constant connections

Wearable 4D devices during golf rounds to collect data for your next Swizzy lesson 

lesson experience

Tech-infused teaching for Instructors to increase their business, and for Students to lower their handicaps

Swizzy Golf + 4D Sports brings a "1 + 1 = 3" type of energy, giving you quantitative feedback validated in real time. Ready to learn more?